Voyage on the wild seas

So we are doing a job in Oslo, Norway. Exciting stuff! Taking the dinosaur traveling on a cargo ship with only a small amount of other passengers. Makes you think of romantic stories like “around the world in 80 days” doesn’t it? Wandering the boat to make discoveries or striding out on deck to feel the rawness of the elements and the heave of the ocean as the deck sways underfoot; leaning on a railing into the wind and the spray – “I’m the king of the world”!

Nope. Cabin. Lounge. Other passengers are drivers who’re accustomed to this journey and aren’t that impressed with some eager noob .
It’s actually quite dull. Not uncomfortable, quite the opposite. The cabin is well appointed and the food served by the chief steward is good.
There is a lounge for passengers to sit with a tv… And that’s it. We’re not allowed to wander the boat discovering mysterious stowaways with tales of adventure or stumbling upon strange crates with burn marks on that may have been in the shape of a swastika…

It is fascinating though, to see all the design details of everyday things that are different on board a ship, specifically done to make it safe and compact. Like the knobs on cupboard doors that push in to lock it and the napkin dispenser with a bar on it to stop them sliding to the deck with every roll of the ship. That novelty soon wore off I’m afraid.

So far I’ve slept, eaten, used the loo, read some of my book, (Dombey & Son), worked out how to use the plug, had a minor panic about the return booking, read some more book, made a turban from my scarf, (which was the final straw that made me decide to write something).

So I’ll read some more, I should really do some exercise, (maybe sit ups?), sleep, eat, panic and finally forget to post this blog until much later because there’s no signal in the middle of the North Sea!


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