Comedy Waiters

Here’s a teaser of our waiters antics!




…and here they are!

Recently arrived from Jibrovia, an ex Eastern bloc country, DuPong is a mature member of the waiting staff who brings years of experience in catering to his job here in the UK. Unfortunately there may still be a few cultural differences that can cause problems…

Has only been with the staff a few weeks and seems to be enjoying the job so far. She is a young, enthusiastic member of the team; as long as she can have at least four breaks in an hour and isn’t asked to carry too much. Her tendency to text her mates whilst serving can sometimes get in the way but she gets on very well with the other catering staff: sometimes a little too well!

Our agency believes in giving people a second chance in life; Terry is one of those second chances. His parole officer says he is completely rehabilitated and keen to integrate back into society with a regular job. His temper is almost totally under control and he is enjoying working as agency catering staff, especially as it gives him the chance to meet new people with expensive tastes. Just as long as he stays away from the bar, everything runs smoothly.

Has been around in the catering business for some time and brings considerable experience with her. She can feel the cold at her age, so it’s important she feels comfortable, hence the slippers, and she can be a little fussy if people don’t finish their main course before moving on to dessert. A creature of habit, Betty likes things to be tidy and can get a little rattled and confused if things don’t go to plan. She’s very sweet really though. Don’t mention the ‘syrup of figs’.

A gifted individual, unfortunately not in the field of catering. Blessed with the second sight, he can’t help being distracted by other people’s pain or distress and will chat happily for ages with his spirit guide Nigel. If Brian has a bad feeling about the salmon, go for the chicken!

From a privileged background, Tamara is adjusting to life with the working class. She has a delicate touch with the food and a mortal fear of cheap labels and ever meeting any of Daddy’s friends whilst working as a waitress. She has been forced to ‘slum’ it before her father will release her trust fund.

One of life’s yoghurt weavers, Buttercup likes to meet new people, sometimes just to feel their aura. She sees waitressing as a fresh challenge for her – especially serving meat, although she’s made it her mission to convince guests to take the vegan option! Clap if you believe in fairies!

The Sommelier
If you require a specialist in the beverage department, this could be the man for you. A little on the tense side, he will none-the-less facilitate an excellent choice for your meal. Just wait until you see the whine list…

While we can provide you with a comedy waiter we can’t absolutely guarantee that the choice of actor pictured will be available every time.

NB this type of entertainment works best if the guests are expecting a moderate to high standard of service.