Murder Mystery

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Your guests will be entertained with a ‘whodunnit’ style fun evening including quizzes, competitions, limericks, prizes and a certificate of achievement for the winner.

All you need to do is choose a theme from our list; or if you like, we could tailor one to your own requirements.

How It Works

The format for the evening is based around your guests enjoying a meal at a venue of their choosing. The scene will be set by the actors and your guests will have to keep a sharp eye out for clues to solve the mystery. All the scenes fit in between courses and do not clash with service of dinner.

If you prefer your entertainment to be more involved, we also run fully interactive and immersive scenarios. Let us know when you contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange it

Musical Murder at the Moulin Rouge
Amid the hedonistic revelry of the Victorian Paris club scene, dirty deeds are being plotted and death lurks in the dressing rooms! Can you help the clueless inspector to solve the crime? Or were you too busy watching the cancan?

Tragedy at the Manor
Relax and enjoy the upper class hospitality of His Lordship in our classic Edwardian themed Murder Mystery. All the household staff are on hand to serve you faithfully as you settle down to your meal… but a shot rings out… a body is discovered and, (you guessed it)… the inspector is called!

Follow the clues to solve the crime or just enjoy the laughs!

Ahoy; Pirates! ‘Avast ye Scabs!’
After many months at sea sit down, relax and rest yer weary bones in the dockside tavern with the other good natured sea-dogs. But watch your back me hearties, pirates drink here! The knives are out and the Navy is in a hanging mood!

Guaranteed fun shipmates or I’ll shoot yer meself!

Medieval Mayhem!
Step back in time to discover a world of devious plotting, intrigue, and murder in the Middle Ages! Guests are entertained with music, interactive dance, grisly deeds, plot twists, and puzzles to solve.

They will journey through an involved tale of ambition and villainy taking them through dinner and providing an evening of fun for the whole court!

Murder on the Orient Expresso
Imagine you’re aboard the most famous luxury passenger train in the world when a murder occurs! Who do you turn to for help to solve the puzzle? Miss Marbles of course. Good job she was along for the ride with all the other famous faces attending the opening of the new coffee bar on the train – “The Orient Expresso”!

Imagination is key as we guide you through a convoluted plot full of deceit with our tongue wedged firmly in our cheek!

“I’d die for an Award”
Would you really? Feel the fame as we turn you into an ‘A’ list celebrity for the night at your very own special awards ceremony. Dark deeds are being plotted behind the dazzling fake smiles and murder is afoot amongst the glitterati! Did you notice who really had the knives out? And is the carpet red so it won’t show the blood?

A Tribute to Hammer Horror
Have you ever wanted to be an extra in a horror movie? Join us on the set of a classic Hammer Horror in this Murder Mystery evening tribute to the golden days of the great studios.

Enjoy the thrill of suspense and solve the crime as we meet many old favourite characters and you and your guests become part of a legend!

A Grand Death at the Races
Feel the buzz of excitement at the racetrack! Be the first to claim your winnings at the bookies stand as we combine two great events for an evening crammed with fun and entertainment.

Guests are encouraged to solve clues to find the perpetrator of a heinous crime, while simultaneously betting to win the most ‘fun money’ on video horse racing! And they’re off!

Double ‘O’ Kill!
Take on the role of a secret agent and join in the fun with our cast as we meet at a top-secret location to showcase the latest spy hardware. With all the highly trained agents danger is never far away. This theme has the added attraction of a ‘build your own gadget’ feature as well as the traditional ‘whodunit’.

Enhance your evening with the addition of a cabaret singer performing songs from the Bond Movies.

Chicago Gangsters
The glamour! The music! The money! The girls! The deafening sound of gunfire and smell of hot lead! The Mob invites you to the opening of a new nightclub in downtown Chicago. We know you’re all in on the money laundering but it’s safe down at Fettuccini’s bar tonight… isn’t it?

Join in the fun to help our comedy hoods crack ‘whodunit’ in our classic Chicago Gangsters Murder Mystery evening.

Enhance your evening with the addition of a cabaret singer.

The Execution Factor
The stage is set for the greatest televised reality TV competition of all time and the judges are getting ready to review the acts. YOU are the hopeful contestants gathered together ready to perform for their approval or scathing criticism. But horror stalks the studios as well known songs are murdered and a corpse is found in the midst of the warm-ups!

Our host will compere the evening and guide you through the clues and suspects to solve the riddle and find the killer hiding in your midst: hopefully before the last bus home!

Dead Reckoning in Oddwood
There’s gold in them there hills and chaos in town! The good people of Oddwood have asked for a new Sherriff to help.
The Miller brothers have travelled way out west to open a new saloon. They aren’t the law abiding folk that that Oddwood needs right now however and bring with them all the gambling, booze and women you’d expect from two career criminals intent upon exploiting the new found wealth of the town and expanding their empire out west.

What the Butler Saw
At the annual conference of butlers and housekeepers, an old grudge is about to be played out and murder committed in the midst of the crowd!

All the usual suspects gather together, in this our new, compered murder mystery night where you, the guest, take on a character and become a suspect.

Our host controls the evening and helps you uncover the clues to reveal who amongst you is guilty of the heinous crime of murder?

It’s up to you to piece together information you uncover and quiz other characters to give you the advantage, solve the puzzle and go home the winner!

What the Dickens?
A festive air is the setting for our seasonal tale of Dickensian murder mystery!

The classics become the setting for an evening of suspense and mystery as we invite you to delve into the realms of well-known literary characters and solve the murder before the coffee is finished!

We have ‘Great Expectations’ of your detecting skills in this period drama as you ‘Bumble’ through the clues and prove yourself no ‘Chuzzlewit’ to ‘Pickwick’ the villain out from the others!

This will not be a Bleak House tonight!