Broadcast Media


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When time is an issue, you need a professional that can work to a high standard quickly.  Adhoc actors can call upon the services of performers who are experienced in a wide range of broadcast media and make it look easy. We regularly use actors who have multi-disciplinary skills and have supplied performers for voice-overs, training videos, films, animations and computer games; as well as them having numerous TV credits to their name.

Our work in this area include providing voice actors for the BBC children’s programme Buzz and Tell and performers for Internet viral ads such as Golojo and Maelstrom. We have worked extensively with Capture 1 DVP on filming projects and training videos for Lloyds Pharmacy and Cambridge Learning Press,  recording voice-overs for US based training company, Laureate and most recently, training video for Certas Fuels

Examples of our work include highways safety film:

Advertising services of Rainbow international:

And extremsim awareness video for bury college:

braodcast media