paps 152

The paps in action!

An ice breaker that will make your guests feel like “A” list celebs as they arrive for the evening!

Even before your event begins, make your guests feel like celebrities as our incredibly popular team of 1950’s style Paparazzi photographers ask your guests for exclusive interviews, glamorous photos and maybe even a scoop!

Our paparazzi can sound like a whole press pack as our news hounds trawl for gossip. Dirty Lionel, Shirley Knott, Flash Harry and the team can all be on hand to meet and greet your guests, break the ice and generally pester folk on arrival but don’t worry: they’re barred from the dinner table!

To enhance your experience of our paparazzi, the paparazzi can also leave you with a photo CD of the arrivals for a great memory of your event.


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