Medieval Nights


Fight school/ performance:
working with Impact Fight Unit we can offer the opportunity to work with a professional fight director to create your own scene!

Medieval dancing and lessons:
learn an authentic dance with our choreographer to show off on the dance floor later on! Or simply enjoy watching how the experts do it.

A variety of enchanting costumed characters:
mix and mingle or meet and greet your guests. See if you can spot the suit of armour move and watch out for the dancing bear!

Comedy peasants: bumbling castle staff that will serve you right. A pure slapstick version of the comedy waiter theme, with a medieval twist.

‘In character’ MC:
the castle chamberlain, or even the Baron will host your evening and explain any details of court etiquette you may need to know so as not to offend the locals.

Musicians playing lively medieval tunes: from soulful ballads to foot-stamping bawdy sing-along tunes!

Juggling workshops: learn to juggle or hone your skills with lessons from the court jester.

Storytelling for all ages: this traditional form of entertainment still engages and enthrals to this day.

Fire Artists: At night, breathtaking fire artists will dazzle with their exciting fire shows! (Outdoor performance only).

Whether your event is a celebration or corporate fun day we can include any or all of these entertainments: or let us know if you’ve something particular in mind and we’ll arrange the magic for you.

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