Costumed Characters

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Many of the comedy characters work best booked as a pair or group. They will interact with each other and even create short improvised scenes that will entertain your guests.

Our costume characters are fantastic for promotions and incentives. More than just a costume, the performer will enhance your product or service and create the right impression.

We can provide any character, simply ask and we’ll research the appropriate character/costume. Following is a sample list of our most popular characters:



Comedy Aircrew
Your friendly pilot and aircrew are on hand to point you in the right direction. Would you like anything from the trolley sir?

Singing sea shanties and creating comedy chaos in superb authentic pirate garb, Hahaar! Almost totally sober. Nearly. Well… Pirate – duh!

The gentry from upstairs or the household staff below stairs will politely greet your guests into dinner. Or mix them up and see the sparks fly! Guaranteed no ‘mockney’.

Chicago prohibition or 1970’s London: you decide! Enhance your night with ‘staged’ gangster fights!

Wartime Characters
From Dads’ Army Home Guard to Nurse Polly Plaster, we keep the crowds cheering and singing wartime hits!


003 1/2 Arfur Bond
Pint sized special agent for medium sized national security issues.

Evil Dr Weevil
Dastardly mastermind of mediocre proportions. His plans include taking over the town hall and plotting the overthrow of the photocopy room. Hmmm…

Comedy Doormen
If your name’s not down… you’re not coming in. Unless they’re feeling frisky, which is always possible.

Medieval Characters
Peasants, Lords and Ladies, Knights of old, minstrels: in fact the whole Regal Court if you need it.

Space Monks
Oozing coolness with long hooded cloaks and bright laser swords, they are the guardians of the galaxy! Enhance your night with a dazzling choreographed laser sword fight!