Adhoc Actors is proud to announce that it is to pioneer new medical procedures which will revolutionise acting, performance and eventually the human race. Working in conjunction with the University of Newark, several of our regular actors have been injected with ground breaking new nano-bots that have the ability to let their host take control of and manipulate emotions and even facial expressions to an unprecedented level. For an actor this means that no part is out of reach and that emotions are on tap for every take, with the added control of facial muscles,  subtly nuanced expression is no longer a thing of the past.

primo_posthumanSome of the side effects can include sudden emotional outbursts and uncontrollable facial spasms but most actors agree that this is a benefit, especially in improv class. On the upside, one actor has been able to control his facial muscles to such a degree he has been a stand in for Brad Pitt in his last two movies!



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