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  • Undercover Actors!

    This is not some blog about how we do team building characters on fun spy missions. Nope. More interesting than that – and more real. Every now and again we’ve been asked to do a job that is a little out of the ordinary. As opposed to a big showy performance, like people often want,…

  • 100% confidence

    We often hear people say about their workforce, “we believe in you”, or to their clients, “have faith in us”. We don’t use these phrases at all. We’ve let our work speak for itself for over ten years now, with clients who rebook our services repeatedly. Many of the same actors being loyal, steadfast performers…

  • Immersive acting

    Social engineering: noun. Mostly associated with negative things these days, the manipulation of peoples emotions or perception to gain financial advantage or to trip them into divulging secret information. You see it mostly in phishing emails or other online scams and sadly some people do actually fall for it, or it wouldn’t be as prevalent…

  • Kylie the Goddess of Youth?

    Ok so the last post was an April fools wind-up. But here’s a thing that’s been bothering us for a while: how on earth does Kylie Minogue still look like she’s in her early twenties? There are always tell-tale signs when you look closely at other celebs who have had some kind of cosmetic surgery.…

  • Nano-acting

    Adhoc Actors is proud to announce that it is to pioneer new medical procedures which will revolutionise acting, performance and eventually the human race. Working in conjunction with the University of Newark, several of our regular actors have been injected with ground breaking new nano-bots that have the ability to let their host take control…

  • Dead Rising 2



    The finished product of the Dead Rising 2 cover

  • Relaxing Zombies



    Our zombies relax during the photoshoot for xbox game cover, Dead rising 2 -off the record