We often hear people say about their workforce, “we believe in you”, or to their clients, “have faith in us”. We don’t use these phrases at all. We’ve let our work speak for itself for over ten years now, with clients who rebook our services repeatedly. Many of the same actors being loyal, steadfast performers who over the years give their all in training roles, rehearse diligently for screen work commissioned from us and joyfully improvise their way through a night of entertainment! Some others who have gone on to very successful high profile TV roles or movies. 

Our actors are our company. They represent us on every job they do with a professional, “can-do” attitude and flawless performance: there are no second chances, you hit the ground running and make it look as if you’ve had two weeks of rehearsal!

That’s why we have NO faith in our actors or our company. Faith implies belief without proof and Adhoc Actors have proved themselves time after time after time over the years. We have 100% confidence in our company. Total unwavering confidence. And if that makes us want to dress up and show off occasionally, then we shall enjoy it!