It’s the time of year for us when the entertainment side of work overlaps slightly with the training and conference needs of businesses.

Many companies have their kick off conferences between February and April to review the previous year, then plan ahead financially, and look to add something special to their day and make it more fun or enhance key messages to highlight a point. 

There are also lots of people looking to augment their training with actors in the role of customer/employee or spice up their kick off conference with a classic energiser like the New Zealand All Blacks Haka, (we have a new energiser with a Roman Centurion), or just chill and book a Tai chi session that people can attend throughout the day.

There is still party entertainment being booked and even people booking us a year in advance – there’s forward planing for you!

A good start to the year so far, with the promise of lots of exciting jobs to come! There’s never a dull day at the office here.