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  • Happy Halloween!

    It seems to be Halloween week as we’ve been busy with themed parties since last Friday and have more until this coming weekend! Can’t complain as it’s so much fun creating characters that enhance the scary atmosphere and giving folk goosebumps when they don’t expect it! Happy Halloween people! 

  • Braaaiiiiins!

    It’s that time of the year again, where everyone goes nuts trying to scare the living poop out of their friends and colleagues! There are some amazing home made costumes, some outright fun pranks and the one thing you see most of: ZOMBIES! As you might expect, we’re pretty busy helping people make the most…

  • The Lost Generation of actors!

      Have you noticed the phrase”emerging talent”? It is always accompanied by portraits of very young actors, fresh out of drama school, looking to make a living in the business, quite often starry eyed with visions of fame dancing before them. Why not? Good luck to them we say. But there is a whole generation of actors…

  • Kylie the Goddess of Youth?

    Ok so the last post was an April fools wind-up. But here’s a thing that’s been bothering us for a while: how on earth does Kylie Minogue still look like she’s in her early twenties? There are always tell-tale signs when you look closely at other celebs who have had some kind of cosmetic surgery.…

  • Nano-acting

    Adhoc Actors is proud to announce that it is to pioneer new medical procedures which will revolutionise acting, performance and eventually the human race. Working in conjunction with the University of Newark, several of our regular actors have been injected with ground breaking new nano-bots that have the ability to let their host take control…

  • Keeping busy

    It all make sense in the heat. No really. Because everyone has gone on holiday for a week and it’s all gone quiet We’re using the time to tidy up, sort costumes, organise scripts and market some exciting new ideas. Writing new scripts is always the most enjoyable part for me, it has the potential…

  • Dead Rising 2



    The finished product of the Dead Rising 2 cover

  • Relaxing Zombies



    Our zombies relax during the photoshoot for xbox game cover, Dead rising 2 -off the record