This year Adhoc celebrates it’s 13th birthday! Predictable jokes about “unlucky thirteen” aside, we have now been providing actors for entertainment and training for 13 years! That’s no mean feat in the current business and economic climate. It means we have weathered a double dip recession and steered the Adhoc ship through the stormy seas of worry that is the maelstrom of the UK exit from the EU, while keeping a firm hand on the tiller and a clear vision of our commitment and high standards to ALL our clients, large and small. (Sorry for the sailing metaphors, I’ll stop now).

In review, we’ve been lucky enough to provide so much entertainment in its various forms – from interactive characters for high profile book launches to murder mystery dinner theatre and other, more bespoke performances at weddings, parties and more unusual requests, (more on that in the next blog). Working with fantastic companies such as award winning Incredible Artists, Team Spirit and Accolade Events is always so much fun, augmenting their superbly themed events with great actors, bringing things to life, adding depth and texture.

Also providing actors for training scenarios with many police services around the country, working alongside lauded psychologists Emily and Laurence Alison, developing management training for several companies with the ever adept Paul Ackerley, over the years developing forum theatre scripts and producing a short play for the care sector and other issues within various NHS sectors with John Barnacott, highlighting changes to the Mental Capacity Act and bringing home important messages about end of life care.

We’ve dipped our toe in the schools workshop side of things, when Education Group asked us to provide facilitators for storytelling and various historical workshops in schools throughout the UK, we ended up writing and delivering the best selling “World War 1 Experience” and “Women in War”

That’s not to mention the filmed projects we have been an integral part of, from Cambridge Learning Press educational and  Turner Kenworthy highway works safety program, to the Christmas “Elf Adventure Challenge” experience  for Wonder Adventures Ltd. we have scripted, produced, cast, costumed, propped, performed, directed and enjoyed every single last second of the last thirteen years.

That’s not so say we are going to suddenly turn into a sulky teen who slumps about and sleeps til midday. Rather, we feel energised, have a proven track record and trustworthy reputation behind us, so we can concentrate with a clear view on whats to come: more fun, challenges and fine performances! Now enough speeches – cake!