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  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    We have worked with the police a lot over the years. Several different areas and services, from video and audio training but most prominently interview training. During this time we have helped train detectives to give a better interview, be more thorough and respond appropriately to the different types of character they might encounter in…

  • Teenage years ahoy!

    This year Adhoc celebrates it’s 13th birthday! Predictable jokes about “unlucky thirteen” aside, we have now been providing actors for entertainment and training for 13 years! That’s no mean feat in the current business and economic climate. It means we have weathered a double dip recession and steered the Adhoc ship through the stormy seas…

  • Being the Bad Guy



    Role playing Villains for Greater Manchester Police suspect interview training- thinking on your feet and having fun!