The Thin Blue Line. It’s no joke.

We have worked with the police a lot over the years. Several different areas and services, from video and audio training but most prominently interview training. During this time we have helped train detectives to give a better interview, be more thorough and respond appropriately to the different types of character they might encounter in the real world. If we make it as realistic as possible then they are immersed in the scenario and it becomes all the more real and impactive, better preparing them for real interviews.

I want to take a moment to point something out though, this is not a blog post advertising what we do, or bragging about how good we are, (although we are terribly good at what we do), it is a comment on what we have learned over the years of this type of thing.

The Thin Blue Line exists – and it’s not a comedy. The detectives we have worked with over the years and the trainers who have facilitated the scenarios, who have years of real experiences all do what they do for the benefit of the community. In short, the most common factor in them joining the Police is that they “just want to make a difference out there”. We have heard stories of the situations these people face that would make your hair curl. Pure horror: and they face it stoically and keep the worst from us in general.

Sure, I’m not a naive idiot – there are some police personnel who are not good, even downright bad and the media loves to pick up on these negative stories and delight in all the gory detail, but that’s like everything, there are nice people and there are not nice people. The government tries to use them to further political agendas and this is also a negative view – but by far the largest part of our police staff are committed to putting themselves between normal folk and some very nasty situations. In fact, if there was no police force, or for instance just a private police staff for certain wealthy areas, then most of the cities in this country would descend into violent, horrific, gang led anarchy. Google some of the places in the world like Rio, Tijuana, Natal and you realise what amazing work our Police do.

So in summation, we feel proud to help these detectives train to keep violent criminals off the streets and would like to say a large THANK YOU to those who run towards danger in the line of duty – they literally save lives. And if you find yourself feeling they aren’t trustworthy because of some news article, remember all of the staff out there doing what they can to keep you safe, quietly, unassumingly, with wage cuts and longer shifts and some days that are sheer horror – and think again.