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We’ve had a hectic few weeks but we are so proud of the actors working with us, they have all hit the ground running with every job and produced such outstanding results it really is a pleasure to work with with them all.

Just a few of the jobs include; Police interview training; scripting and performing a piece for stage at a global conference for CBRE in London; bringing characters to life to launch a new teens novel set to rival Harry Potter for Puffin/Penguin books; being the on-stage family for Virgin Medias in house launch of their new products for 2016; as well as several characters for themed Team building events. All good fun!

It’s what we expect mind you, these days, a weeks rehearsal is a luxury, especially for a corporate function/conference, where the budget might be tight or the event doesn’t get signed off until the last minute. That’s where our actors professionalism pays off. You would never know that something had changed last minute or we’d only just got the script. The important thing is that the performance is of the highest quality it can be so that the rest of the event can run smoothly. There is no champagne and roses for the jobbing actors that work with us – just a move on the the next job – but we keep good actors acting at Adhoc, we’ll do bubbles and flowers at another time!


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