We had some trouble trying to post this so it got saved as a draft. here it is in retrospect anyway! 

What a great start to the year! Despite all the sad news in the media of great performers passing, we’ve not had time to The start of this year has been so busy on both our entertainment and training fronts. Bringing the historical founder of Sherwin Williams to life for their 150th anniversary conference, dinner theatre, costumed characters from the Victorian age and of course “Dinoclaws”. Then there was the chance to work once again with the stellar training skills of Paul Ackerley of “Breathe personal Organisational Development”. He was helping the excellent people at Arrow Global, keen to learn better ways of managing high performers in our immersive training environment, (used to be known as Roleplay but I am working to shake that awful description). Heres to the next couple of months, also looking busy with characters for an immersive book launch, actors at conferences and some very high level training of detectives in interview technique.



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