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  • Happy Halloween!

    It seems to be Halloween week as we’ve been busy with themed parties since last Friday and have more until this coming weekend! Can’t complain as it’s so much fun creating characters that enhance the scary atmosphere and giving folk goosebumps when they don’t expect it! Happy Halloween people! 

  • Our guys on stage

    We’ve had a hectic few weeks but we are so proud of the actors working with us, they have all hit the ground running with every job and produced such outstanding results it really is a pleasure to work with with them all. Just a few of the jobs include; Police interview training; scripting and performing a piece…

  • Christmas Flash!

      If you have Christmas all wrapped up and parties booked, add an extra bit of sparkle to the night with our OTT Paparazzi photographers who will treat all your guests as if they were true Glitteralti and give them a night to remember! GOTCHER!

  • Jurassic sparks!

    Bookings have gone crazy with our dinoclaws, T-Rex puppet for the opening of the new Jurassic park film this summer. It has been a popular seller since we introduced her last year, appearing at family fun days, promotions, festivals and being filmed terrifying the residents of Oslo but now she, (we call her Sophie), takes…

  • Glamour Explained

    If you are aglow with excitement at the end of a performance or seeing the celebs walk the red carpet, (fairly sure they’re looking great but thinking, “What’s my next job”)

  • Awards season



    There’s Oscars and Emmys, Baftas and Globes and the gongs are all over tinseltown at this time of year! At Adhoc we celebrate with our very own Biftas! We’ve just written a dinner theatre whodunnit script for the awards season that’ll put a smile on your face and make your bow tie twirl! Lots of…