He Stoops to Scrum!

It’s all about rugby this weekend! One of our actors, Nathan Morris was portraying the character of a young Adrian Stoop for the 150th anniversary of the inception of the Harlequins Rugby club! Adrian Stoop is one of their most lauded players, first appearing for the team in 1905 and is widely credited with revolutionising the game and changing back-play. Indeed, their stadium at Twickenham is named after him!

Nathan spent a week immersing himself in all things Harlequins rugby, Adrian Stoops history and the current affairs of the time so as to be able to give a convincing performance in front of a crowd. Not any old crowd though. This audience were more than just harlequins fans, they were fully paid up members of the club, many of which were very well acquainted in Stoops history! Steeped in Stoop, you might say. 

Not a problem for a pro like Nathan, however, who confidently addressed the members as if he had just stepped out of the early 20th Century and regaled them with his passion for rugby and his vision to take the the team forwards with a new style of play!

Here’s is a quick snap of him posing with teams old and new! Happy 150th birthday Harlequins!