Back to the 50’s

For a big screen event at the Cineworld O2 recently we had to trip back in time – again! Creating characters from the golden age of cinema, when theatres were all gilt and red velvet, we found Eugene, the slightly hypochondriac usher, new to the job, keen but nervous as anything because his mom told him of all the diseases that can be transferred by strangers! Then comes Bitsy, a diminutive young usherette with big ideas and a personality to match! She is overawed by just about everything in the world of film and gets distracted easily, especially if she thinks someone can give her a break! 

Played wonderfully by actors Ros Parker and Mike Imerson, the characters sprung to life to entertain the international audience of Tyrrwhitts Shirts as they sat back to enjoy the conference put on for them by OurSaySo event team: they even got everyone doing a mexican wave as the film counted down.

This is where Adhoc  actors excel: spontaneous comedy, immersion with a believable character and above all excellent fun had by all. Good times.