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  • Back to the 50’s

    For a big screen event at the Cineworld O2 recently we had to trip back in time – again! Creating characters from the golden age of cinema, when theatres were all gilt and red velvet, we found Eugene, the slightly hypochondriac usher, new to the job, keen but nervous as anything because his mom told…

  • Christmas Flash!

      If you have Christmas all wrapped up and parties booked, add an extra bit of sparkle to the night with our OTT Paparazzi photographers who will treat all your guests as if they were true Glitteralti and give them a night to remember! GOTCHER!

  • The Lost Generation of actors!

      Have you noticed the phrase”emerging talent”? It is always accompanied by portraits of very young actors, fresh out of drama school, looking to make a living in the business, quite often starry eyed with visions of fame dancing before them. Why not? Good luck to them we say. But there is a whole generation of actors…

  • Glamour Explained

    If you are aglow with excitement at the end of a performance or seeing the celebs walk the red carpet, (fairly sure they’re looking great but thinking, “What’s my next job”)

  • An inspirational human

    Richard Attenborough was more than just an excellent character actor. He was an inspirational person who touched lives of many with his concern for other human beings. In the movie business he engendered the quote : “if  you’ve been lucky enough to do well then it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down for…


    “A Hollywood wedding is considered successful if it outlasts milk”

  • Awards season



    There’s Oscars and Emmys, Baftas and Globes and the gongs are all over tinseltown at this time of year! At Adhoc we celebrate with our very own Biftas! We’ve just written a dinner theatre whodunnit script for the awards season that’ll put a smile on your face and make your bow tie twirl! Lots of…