An inspirational human

Richard Attenborough was more than just an excellent character actor. He was an inspirational person who touched lives of many with his concern for other human beings. In the movie business he engendered the quote : “if  you’ve been lucky enough to do well then it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down for others”. In life he was deeply concerned about all kinds of equality and campaigned for such in many arenas, with some degree of success.

We were never lucky enough to have met or worked with Dickie but his influence was so great in his career, we feel compelled to write a few words at his passing. A man whose outlook on life and commitment to being the best he can be has inspired us at Adhoc to always strive to be better and to treat people with respect; to create the best quality possible and always move forwards with a positive energy.

Condolences to his family and friends; many thanks from us for a career that has inspired and motivated us and for the sheer entertainment you provided over the years. We are just a few of the many people you have reached without ever meeting – we can only hope and strive to achieve as much in our life and work. RIP



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