Late morning at Adhoc Towers. I’m just thinking about some kind of lunch when the phone rings. “Good morning, Adhoc Actors”, I chirp breezily.

“Hi, just how ad-hoc are you”? The voice at the other end of the phone was young, female, with some humour and, I sensed, a genuine enquiry.

“Pretty much what we do”, I replied, unfazed. “Character actors who’re specialists in improvisation, invisible theatre and believable scenarios”.

“Great – I’d like to book someone for a covert prank type thing in Central London, is that possible”?

“Sure thing! Sounds fun! What dates are you looking at? I’ll take some more details as well -“,

“Oh it’s this evening, is that still ok”? 


“Sure, leave it with me and I’ll get back to you in an hour. Thanks, Bye”.

Hit the red button. Flashing lights, sirens, actors scramble, slide down fireman’s pole to action stations. 

“What’s the call boss”? Ask the assembled company, faces serious, some old some young, all experienced in many different disciplines

“Job in -“, I check my watch, “- four hours, Central London. Covert prank. Volunteers – go.”

 A hand shoots up. Keen, sharp, ready for action at the sharp end. Forged in the fires of a weekend of crazy festival performance. 

“Ok, agent ‘I’, you’re it. Suited and booted, dial the charm up to eleven. Details on your device. Good luck.

“Already on my way Guv’nor”.

Five hours later, clean report back, very happy client. Job done. Nice. I lean back treat myself to a tipple and light a cigar. I love it when  plan comes together.

And that is exactly how ad-hoc, Adhoc Actors can be! AA-logo