Everyone seems to be talking about the First World War because it all started 100 years ago this month. We spent last year carefully researching and writing two educational interactive character drama presentations in the form of a soldier and a young woman. The soldier talks about his understanding of how it all started and his experiences in the trenches up to May 1915. The young woman tells of her life and work in the search for her brothers who had joined up and the various roles and jobs she took as part of an emerging female workforce that changed the face of western culture.

We designed these character pieces with a real passion for our colleagues at The Education Group and they are portrayed regularly in schools and colleges by our professional actors who bring a part of history to life with these characters, telling their tale with genuine enthusiasm that connects with young people and teachers alike, (one teacher was overheard to try to wangle out of his lesson to come and watch, yet another asked if they could see it a local theatre)!

Amidst all the hullaballoo and other, (almost celebratory), shenanigans, this is our way of remembrance to the fallen: to connect with young minds via the medium of drama, show it was more than just statistics or politics by being the characters involved and portraying their real lives and feelings in a way that isn’t merely ramming a point home but subtly engaging young peoples curiosity on the subject so they can find out more for themselves.

We intend to update the presentations in 2016 to include the events of the Somme and again in 2018 to encapsulate the end of the war so we will see the soldier character change quite drastically over this period, as he is affected by the ever evolving brutality of 20th century modern warfare.

Lest we forget.


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