He Stoops to Scrum!21/8/16

It’s all about rugby this weekend! One of our actors, Nathan Morris was portraying the character of a young Adrian Stoop for the 150th anniversary of the inception of the Harlequins Rugby club! Adrian Stoop is one of their most lauded players, first appearing for the team in 1905 and is widely credited with revolutionising the game and changing back-play. Indeed, their stadium at Twickenham is named after him!

Nathan spent a week immersing himself in all things Harlequins rugby, Adrian Stoops history and the current affairs of the time so as to be able to give a convincing performance in front…

The time Scoop…21/6/16

“We have to unlock the TimeScoop”. I nod assent and lurch off in the direction of the history wing of Adhoc Towers. I am always scared of using the TimeScoop but it has been such a useful tool for so many jobs. Besides, the target – a Mr Henry Sherwin – seems quite blasé about the whole experience since the last occasion we brought him forward 150 years to celebrate his companies anniversary.

The problem is we’ve also got some Dragons knocking about, ready for a big event on Friday. Not fire-breathing scaly things: scary entrepreneurs who may or may not invest…

A flying Start to 2016!28/1/16

We’ve had a flying start to the year so far. Not just the Pantomime but lots of role play training, managing high performing staff, as well as playing villains for Police interview training, we’ve had teams of actors out being interactive characters for immersive performances not to mention our schools workshops! January has been so busy we’ve turned around and here comes February! More roleplay, half-term storytelling shows and forum theatre which involve stage combat! No 2 days the same! 

New season!

Panto season may be over but we’ve had a good one, starring Jeff Longmore as our Dame with a small but perfectly formed cast of Julie O’Hare and Jack Federov, we’ve enjoyed performing our private Pantomime for audiences but now it’s time to say goodbye for another year! “Oh no it isn-” Stop that. Yes it is. 

purple panto 3

Ring ring!10/11/15

We’re currently having some disconnection problems with our phone line but that’s ok, while it’s being sorted by the engineers we have all of social media and the internet for connectivity!

If you need to get in touch then ping us an email and we’ll give you a call back -because sometimes it’s better to speak to someone when you have a complicated enquiry about staffing the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, or enacting scenes from Great expectations, or just filming a training video!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, thanks!


Researching material to create a new script to educate young people on the plight of female Suffrage in the early 20th Century, there are so many stories of heroic deeds by women of every station. 

Enjoying the wealth of material but cannot helped but be moved by the injustice of the situation. 

Here is just one example of so many.



Teletubbies is a children’s programme recognised the world over. We had no idea how well recognised until recently we took the parts of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po in order to promote the re launch of the new Teletubbies this year. During a photo shoot over a few days at the Milan Expo we were greeted in every language with enthusiasm, excitement and even outright adoration by crowds of eager onlookers. 

Organised by the outstandingly professional Premier Communications PR company, with whom…

The Lost Generation of actors!14/4/15


Have you noticed the phrase”emerging talent”? It is always accompanied by portraits of very young actors, fresh out of drama school, looking to make a living in the business, quite often starry eyed with visions of fame dancing before them. Why not? Good luck to them we say.

But there is a whole generation of actors that because of the rise of “reality TV” 15 years ago, that have been overlooked. They have never had the chance to “emerge” and many have had dreams dashed and abandoned the career they were so excited about as young people. This is a natural process…

Normal Service will be Resumed…25/2/15

240px-Testcard_JOur website has been undergoing some structural refurbishment, which is why there’s been no blog posts for a while but we shall be commenting on all things thespian again soon!



Tommy talks6/8/14

Everyone seems to be talking about the First World War because it all started 100 years ago this month. We spent last year carefully researching and writing two educational interactive character drama presentations in the form of a soldier and a young woman. The soldier talks about his understanding of how it all started and his experiences in the trenches up to May 1915. The young woman tells of her life and work in the search for her brothers who had joined up and the various roles and jobs she took as part of an emerging female workforce that changed…