Dinoclaws!IS HERE!


What’s in the Box?7/4/14

We’ve been waiting for a long time to receive this box. We’ve been through a lot of hoops and trials – but mostly waiting. So here’s a sneak peek of the first look into the box – and it was looking straight back!


Kylie the Goddess of Youth?2/4/14

Ok so the last post was an April fools wind-up. But here’s a thing that’s been bothering us for a while: how on earth does Kylie Minogue still look like she’s in her early twenties? There are always tell-tale signs when you look closely at other celebs who have had some kind of cosmetic surgery. Stretch marks, loss of facial expression, saggy skin in unexpected areas. Not Kylie, oh no. She looks as young and fresh as she was when she was 22, she has a full range of expression, no stretches or wrinkles,what on earth is going on? There…


Adhoc Actors is proud to announce that it is to pioneer new medical procedures which will revolutionise acting, performance and eventually the human race. Working in conjunction with the University of Newark, several of our regular actors have been injected with ground breaking new nano-bots that have the ability to let their host take control of and manipulate emotions and even facial expressions to an unprecedented level. For an actor this means that no part is out of reach and that emotions are on tap for every take, with the added control of facial muscles,  subtly nuanced expression is no…