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  • Gotcha!

    It’s the ultimate wind up, the perfect prank: comedy waiters! We’ve been enjoying the party season and more, hiding our characters amongst regular staff and watching as people become increasingly outraged by their antics! People realise eventually but we stay in character to the end and from then it simply becomes a case of sitting back…

  • Amazing weddings

    We’ve had quite a demand for entertainment at weddings recently. From the hidden fun of comedy waiters to full on Shakespeare dinner theatre around the wedding breakfast, it seems people want to really do something different on their special day. We even have a call to create a full fight scene with stunt performers for…

  • Bad wedding service



    Comedy waiters is the perfect job for those of us who made rubbish serving staff but have perfect comedy timing! You need guts to book a couple of these at your wedding but that’s what happened last weekend, with hilarious results!