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  • Launching into 2019

    We’ve done book launches before and they are just about our favourite type of event. It is immersive and involved. We get first crack at creating the world that has sprung from the imagination of a published author! Long before any big screen directors might get their paws on the book, we bring those characters…

  • Literary Dinosaurs!

    So we were asked to be part of London Book fair at Olympia recently and this is the result! Fresh from our successful launch for Penguin/Puffin books we were asked if we could bring a character to life from a book called “Supersaurs”, a fictional romp in Victorian times involving factory “farmed” dinosaurs. Here is…

  • National Book Day

    Storytelling in Schools was so  busy last week there was no chance to post anything on the blog! National book day saw many of our actors out in schools all over the country running storytelling sessions for children of all ages on their favourite stories as well as creating their own new ones!