Doing the Bard, innit.23/11/15

Mark Rylance has just given his esteemed opinion of Shakespeare: we agree with him. Someone asked recently, “what is the best Shakespeare play to read first”? The only reply is: “none”. Shakespeare wrote plays, they were meant to be performed, watched and enjoyed as entertainment, not revered as literary works and kept in stasis forever – that’s archaeology. Not to demean their literary value of course but they need to be played by actors, played with by good actors and seen by anyone who loves a great story. Because that is the root of good entertainment – a good story. 

Shakespeares plays endure…

Christmas Flash!11/11/15



If you have Christmas all wrapped up and parties booked, add an extra bit of sparkle to the night with our OTT Paparazzi photographers who will treat all your guests as if they were true Glitteralti and give them a night to remember! GOTCHER!

Ring ring!10/11/15

We’re currently having some disconnection problems with our phone line but that’s ok, while it’s being sorted by the engineers we have all of social media and the internet for connectivity!

If you need to get in touch then ping us an email and we’ll give you a call back -because sometimes it’s better to speak to someone when you have a complicated enquiry about staffing the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, or enacting scenes from Great expectations, or just filming a training video!

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