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  • Glamour Explained

    If you are aglow with excitement at the end of a performance or seeing the celebs walk the red carpet, (fairly sure they’re looking great but thinking, “What’s my next job”)

  • National Shakespeare Week

    All the controversy that surrounds ‘The Bard’ still, after hundreds of years, means very little when faced with the huge volume of the work attributed to William Shakespeare. That the stories are relevant still and the characters so real and vivid are a testament to a lasting body of  work that have entered the collective…

  • The whiff of luncheon meat.

    This is the month other people go on holiday or lounge around. We get all pointy and tidy up, train, re-write scripts and clear out dusty cupboards, usually finding useful props thought long gone, half finished scripts for plays and forum theatre and corporate training days. It also applies to the internet, where we can…

  • Training scripts



    There’s humor in life and death but seemingly NO humor in training! That ends with our scripts- we challenge that! Surely you learn more effectively if its fun!