The Lost Generation of actors!14/4/15


Have you noticed the phrase”emerging talent”? It is always accompanied by portraits of very young actors, fresh out of drama school, looking to make a living in the business, quite often starry eyed with visions of fame dancing before them. Why not? Good luck to them we say.

But there is a whole generation of actors that because of the rise of “reality TV” 15 years ago, that have been overlooked. They have never had the chance to “emerge” and many have had dreams dashed and abandoned the career they were so excited about as young people. This is a natural process…

Real Game of Thrones!13/4/15

We’re looking forward to participating in a day of medieval fun, with music, entertainment, feasting and sword-fighting as part of Leicester’s Richard III celebrations this month. 

While the novels and TV show are favourites of many people, us included, we like to create the atmosphere of that era, whether fiction or historical fact and can bring a banquet to life with entertainment, intrigue and plot or light up a festival with combat! We do it! We’ve done it for weddings and dinner parties, corporate feasts and weekends: we love it!