Late morning at Adhoc Towers. I’m just thinking about some kind of lunch when the phone rings. “Good morning, Adhoc Actors”, I chirp breezily.

“Hi, just how ad-hoc are you”? The voice at the other end of the phone was young, female, with some humour and, I sensed, a genuine enquiry.

“Pretty much what we do”, I replied, unfazed. “Character actors who’re specialists in improvisation, invisible theatre and believable scenarios”.

“Great – I’d like to book someone for a covert prank type thing in Central London, is that possible”?

“Sure thing! Sounds fun! What dates are you looking at? I’ll…

Being useful1/6/16

We’re having a valuable week. Training police investigators. Getting people to try new things in an arena they can happily learn from any mistakes in is a task in itself: people don’t want to make mistakes, they naturally want to get it right first time. When they let go of that inhibition though, we see all sorts of great learning coming out and it’s our pleasure to help in that. As an acting exercise and a training exercise it’s immersive and beats many old fashioned methods hands down.

Some old sayings will always be true and we’d like to paraphrase…

2016 – the shape of things to come11/5/16

dead celebs

We have lost so may great talents so far this year. People who were outstanding in their contribution to their art, whether it was broadcasting, writing, musical performance, acting or editing. Many of us have grown up being heavily influenced by the work of such titans and feel lost without their guiding light. Lemmy Rocked us, Bowie inspired us, Ronnie and Victoria made us laugh, Prince spoke to the funk in us, Alan gave us so many wonderful characters. Remember them with…

Our guys on stage21/3/16

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We’ve had a hectic few weeks but we are so proud of the actors working with us, they have all hit the ground running with every job and produced such outstanding results it really is a pleasure to work with with them all.

Just a few of the jobs include; Police interview training; scripting and performing a piece for stage at a global conference for CBRE in London; bringing characters to life to launch a new teens novel set to rival Harry Potter for Puffin/Penguin…

A flying Start!16/3/16

We had some trouble trying to post this so it got saved as a draft. here it is in retrospect anyway! 

What a great start to the year! Despite all the sad news in the media of great performers passing, we’ve not had time to The start of this year has been so busy on both our entertainment and training fronts. Bringing the historical founder of Sherwin Williams to life for their 150th anniversary conference, dinner theatre, costumed characters from the Victorian age and of course “Dinoclaws”. Then there was the chance to work once again with the stellar training…

Total Immersion in the Story8/2/16

That’s what we’ve been tasked with. Launching a book by bringing the characters off the page and into the setting to interact with people who want to learn about this new story.

It’s a great one too! Dark fantasy fiction aimed at young readers, it is set to rival Harry Potter, or even surpass it, our actors will be immersing themselves in the roles of some of the characters and using their improvisation skills to interact with guests and give them a taste of this new world.

Starting in a Gormenghast type orphanage the story rapidly unfolds…

We are excited as…

A flying Start to 2016!28/1/16

We’ve had a flying start to the year so far. Not just the Pantomime but lots of role play training, managing high performing staff, as well as playing villains for Police interview training, we’ve had teams of actors out being interactive characters for immersive performances not to mention our schools workshops! January has been so busy we’ve turned around and here comes February! More roleplay, half-term storytelling shows and forum theatre which involve stage combat! No 2 days the same! 

New season!

Panto season may be over but we’ve had a good one, starring Jeff Longmore as our Dame with a small but perfectly formed cast of Julie O’Hare and Jack Federov, we’ve enjoyed performing our private Pantomime for audiences but now it’s time to say goodbye for another year! “Oh no it isn-” Stop that. Yes it is. 

purple panto 3


cwaitersIt’s the ultimate wind up, the perfect prank: comedy waiters! We’ve been enjoying the party season and more, hiding our characters amongst regular staff and watching as people become increasingly outraged by their antics! People realise eventually but we stay in character to the end and from then it simply becomes a case of sitting back and enjoying our actors improvise expertly scenes that would never occur in a high class establishment! Some people can’t help themselves joining in as well – as this picture proves,…

Doing the Bard, innit.23/11/15

Mark Rylance has just given his esteemed opinion of Shakespeare: we agree with him. Someone asked recently, “what is the best Shakespeare play to read first”? The only reply is: “none”. Shakespeare wrote plays, they were meant to be performed, watched and enjoyed as entertainment, not revered as literary works and kept in stasis forever – that’s archaeology. Not to demean their literary value of course but they need to be played by actors, played with by good actors and seen by anyone who loves a great story. Because that is the root of good entertainment – a good story. 

Shakespeares plays endure…