Customer service24/1/17

It’s all about customer service. We strive to always get the customers key messages across, whether that’s in an entertainment forum or training in some way, THE most important thing is that what the client is paying for is the best it can be. We’ve said it before but it’s worth mentioning again that our team of regulars know this, are focussed and professional and enjoy getting the job done without any diva tantrums or red carpet rows! They know that the spotlight is really on you and their job is to merely facilitate whatever your agenda is! 

Here’s a…

Immersive acting18/11/16

Social engineering: noun. Mostly associated with negative things these days, the manipulation of peoples emotions or perception to gain financial advantage or to trip them into divulging secret information. You see it mostly in phishing emails or other online scams and sadly some people do actually fall for it, or it wouldn’t be as prevalent as it is. 

It isn’t all negative though, there is a positive side to this. Have you ever been to the theatre, cinema, watched a TV show and felt your emotions manipulated, happy sad, etc? That’s actors doing their job pretending to be someone else…

Happy Halloween!31/10/16

It seems to be Halloween week as we’ve been busy with themed parties since last Friday and have more until this coming weekend! Can’t complain as it’s so much fun creating characters that enhance the scary atmosphere and giving folk goosebumps when they don’t expect it! Happy Halloween people! 

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Wedding Guests10/10/16

Entertaining at weddings is so much fun! The atmosphere is one of happy, excited anticipation and celebration. Providing something that enhances that, makes the day even more special for all concerned is part of what makes Adhoc enjoy the work so much. Understanding that the spotlight isn’t really on us for a change, people are here to celebrate the happy couple and we are providing a little part of the magic that goes to make up an occasion that will be memorable for many years to come. 

Whether it’s comedy waiters, (some people actually want terrible service at their wedding breakfast!),…

Back to the 50’s6/9/16

For a big screen event at the Cineworld O2 recently we had to trip back in time – again! Creating characters from the golden age of cinema, when theatres were all gilt and red velvet, we found Eugene, the slightly hypochondriac usher, new to the job, keen but nervous as anything because his mom told him of all the diseases that can be transferred by strangers! Then comes Bitsy, a diminutive young usherette with big ideas and a personality to match! She is overawed by just about everything in the world of film and gets distracted easily, especially if she…

He Stoops to Scrum!21/8/16

It’s all about rugby this weekend! One of our actors, Nathan Morris was portraying the character of a young Adrian Stoop for the 150th anniversary of the inception of the Harlequins Rugby club! Adrian Stoop is one of their most lauded players, first appearing for the team in 1905 and is widely credited with revolutionising the game and changing back-play. Indeed, their stadium at Twickenham is named after him!

Nathan spent a week immersing himself in all things Harlequins rugby, Adrian Stoops history and the current affairs of the time so as to be able to give a convincing performance in front…

Getting carried away, (not literally).1/8/16

So sorry for the last couple of posts, they were merely reflective of the quite random sort of job that sometimes lands on us! I guess I got a bit carried away with the fantastical element of it all! 

Meanwhile we have been operating business as  usual, despite the political turmoil swirling around us. Some of our best actors have been regularly portraying criminals for Merseyside Police training, we’ve been assisting in a stage combat school that ran for a week at Ardingly Arts Fest in Sussex and we’ve also had a reprise of training Arrow Global management with the wonderful facilitation…

The time Scoop…21/6/16

“We have to unlock the TimeScoop”. I nod assent and lurch off in the direction of the history wing of Adhoc Towers. I am always scared of using the TimeScoop but it has been such a useful tool for so many jobs. Besides, the target – a Mr Henry Sherwin – seems quite blasé about the whole experience since the last occasion we brought him forward 150 years to celebrate his companies anniversary.

The problem is we’ve also got some Dragons knocking about, ready for a big event on Friday. Not fire-breathing scaly things: scary entrepreneurs who may or may not invest…


Late morning at Adhoc Towers. I’m just thinking about some kind of lunch when the phone rings. “Good morning, Adhoc Actors”, I chirp breezily.

“Hi, just how ad-hoc are you”? The voice at the other end of the phone was young, female, with some humour and, I sensed, a genuine enquiry.

“Pretty much what we do”, I replied, unfazed. “Character actors who’re specialists in improvisation, invisible theatre and believable scenarios”.

“Great – I’d like to book someone for a covert prank type thing in Central London, is that possible”?

“Sure thing! Sounds fun! What dates are you looking at? I’ll…

Being useful1/6/16

We’re having a valuable week. Training police investigators. Getting people to try new things in an arena they can happily learn from any mistakes in is a task in itself: people don’t want to make mistakes, they naturally want to get it right first time. When they let go of that inhibition though, we see all sorts of great learning coming out and it’s our pleasure to help in that. As an acting exercise and a training exercise it’s immersive and beats many old fashioned methods hands down.

Some old sayings will always be true and we’d like to paraphrase…