Happy Halloween!31/10/16

It seems to be Halloween week as we’ve been busy with themed parties since last Friday and have more until this coming weekend! Can’t complain as it’s so much fun creating characters that enhance the scary atmosphere and giving folk goosebumps when they don’t expect it! Happy Halloween people! 

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Wedding Guests10/10/16

Entertaining at weddings is so much fun! The atmosphere is one of happy, excited anticipation and celebration. Providing something that enhances that, makes the day even more special for all concerned is part of what makes Adhoc enjoy the work so much. Understanding that the spotlight isn’t really on us for a change, people are here to celebrate the happy couple and we are providing a little part of the magic that goes to make up an occasion that will be memorable for many years to come. 

Whether it’s comedy waiters, (some people actually want terrible service at their wedding breakfast!),…