2016 – the shape of things to come11/5/16

dead celebs

We have lost so may great talents so far this year. People who were outstanding in their contribution to their art, whether it was broadcasting, writing, musical performance, acting or editing. Many of us have grown up being heavily influenced by the work of such titans and feel lost without their guiding light. Lemmy Rocked us, Bowie inspired us, Ronnie and Victoria made us laugh, Prince spoke to the funk in us, Alan gave us so many wonderful characters. Remember them with…

Literary Dinosaurs!3/5/16

So we were asked to be part of London Book fair at Olympia recently and this is the result! Fresh from our successful launch for Penguin/Puffin books we were asked if we could bring a character to life from a book called “Supersaurs”, a fictional romp in Victorian times involving factory “farmed” dinosaurs. Here is a great picture with one of our regulars Ivan Wilkinson playing the part of hard nut bad guy, Christian Hayter astride his carnivorous mount – great name, great fun day! Grr