Jurassic sparks!11/3/15

Bookings have gone crazy with our dinoclaws, T-Rex puppet for the opening of the new Jurassic park film this summer. It has been a popular seller since we introduced her last year, appearing at family fun days, promotions, festivals and being filmed terrifying the residents of Oslo but now she, (we call her Sophie), takes one step closer to Hollywood by being booked for the week of the opening of the new Jurassic park movie this June. maybe she’ll escort Chris Pratt down the red carpet in Leicester Square! (Where the heck do we get a frock big enough for…

Normal Service will be Resumed…25/2/15

240px-Testcard_JOur website has been undergoing some structural refurbishment, which is why there’s been no blog posts for a while but we shall be commenting on all things thespian again soon!