Fighting fit!17/9/15

Leicester Medieval Day 036

We’ve been enjoying some outdoor fun with our medieval duellists this summer. Our actors are trained and qualified with the BASSC, (British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat), and add another dimension of performance to a duel, as opposed to reenactment or military historians. What everyone loves is bit of tense drama and to cheer on their favourite! We used broadswords, knives, quarterstaff and even some hand-to-hand but don’t worry, while it looks alarmingly dangerous, it’s all completely safe!



Teletubbies is a children’s programme recognised the world over. We had no idea how well recognised until recently we took the parts of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po in order to promote the re launch of the new Teletubbies this year. During a photo shoot over a few days at the Milan Expo we were greeted in every language with enthusiasm, excitement and even outright adoration by crowds of eager onlookers. 

Organised by the outstandingly professional Premier Communications PR company, with whom…