Doing the Bard, innit.23/11/15

Mark Rylance has just given his esteemed opinion of Shakespeare: we agree with him. Someone asked recently, “what is the best Shakespeare play to read first”? The only reply is: “none”. Shakespeare wrote plays, they were meant to be performed, watched and enjoyed as entertainment, not revered as literary works and kept in stasis forever – that’s archaeology. Not to demean their literary value of course but they need to be played by actors, played with by good actors and seen by anyone who loves a great story. Because that is the root of good entertainment – a good story. 

Shakespeares plays endure…

Christmas Flash!11/11/15



If you have Christmas all wrapped up and parties booked, add an extra bit of sparkle to the night with our OTT Paparazzi photographers who will treat all your guests as if they were true Glitteralti and give them a night to remember! GOTCHER!

Ring ring!10/11/15

We’re currently having some disconnection problems with our phone line but that’s ok, while it’s being sorted by the engineers we have all of social media and the internet for connectivity!

If you need to get in touch then ping us an email and we’ll give you a call back -because sometimes it’s better to speak to someone when you have a complicated enquiry about staffing the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, or enacting scenes from Great expectations, or just filming a training video!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, thanks!


It’s that time of the year again, where everyone goes nuts trying to scare the living poop out of their friends and colleagues! There are some amazing home made costumes, some outright fun pranks and the one thing you see most of: ZOMBIES!

As you might expect, we’re pretty busy helping people make the most of their Halloween weekend but here’s a picture of one of our zombies out looking for fresh brains for lunch! 



Researching material to create a new script to educate young people on the plight of female Suffrage in the early 20th Century, there are so many stories of heroic deeds by women of every station. 

Enjoying the wealth of material but cannot helped but be moved by the injustice of the situation. 

Here is just one example of so many.

Fighting fit!17/9/15

Leicester Medieval Day 036

We’ve been enjoying some outdoor fun with our medieval duellists this summer. Our actors are trained and qualified with the BASSC, (British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat), and add another dimension of performance to a duel, as opposed to reenactment or military historians. What everyone loves is bit of tense drama and to cheer on their favourite! We used broadswords, knives, quarterstaff and even some hand-to-hand but don’t worry, while it looks alarmingly dangerous, it’s all completely safe!



Teletubbies is a children’s programme recognised the world over. We had no idea how well recognised until recently we took the parts of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po in order to promote the re launch of the new Teletubbies this year. During a photo shoot over a few days at the Milan Expo we were greeted in every language with enthusiasm, excitement and even outright adoration by crowds of eager onlookers. 

Organised by the outstandingly professional Premier Communications PR company, with whom…

What a Great Rapport!16/7/15

Adhoc were called in last minute to work with Rapport agency recently, facilitating an enormously complicated team building event for Capital One. The crew at Rapport were some of the nicest people we’ve worked with but we couldn’t have been prouder of the team of actors we put together. Not only professional and slick but also patient, humble good humoured and dedicated. We had actors playing the part of industry professionals, movie stars and a full fight team courtesy of our links to Impact Fight Unit. Suffice to say everyone had a tremendous amount of fun and the day was…

The Lost Generation of actors!14/4/15


Have you noticed the phrase”emerging talent”? It is always accompanied by portraits of very young actors, fresh out of drama school, looking to make a living in the business, quite often starry eyed with visions of fame dancing before them. Why not? Good luck to them we say.

But there is a whole generation of actors that because of the rise of “reality TV” 15 years ago, that have been overlooked. They have never had the chance to “emerge” and many have had dreams dashed and abandoned the career they were so excited about as young people. This is a natural process…

Real Game of Thrones!13/4/15

We’re looking forward to participating in a day of medieval fun, with music, entertainment, feasting and sword-fighting as part of Leicester’s Richard III celebrations this month. 

While the novels and TV show are favourites of many people, us included, we like to create the atmosphere of that era, whether fiction or historical fact and can bring a banquet to life with entertainment, intrigue and plot or light up a festival with combat! We do it! We’ve done it for weddings and dinner parties, corporate feasts and weekends: we love it!