How to trap an actor14/10/14

It’s easy really, use food. Free food. That’s important, it has to be free food. A buffet works as well as a basket of muffins or flapjack. Some actors have evolved the ability to materialise next to a buffet just as it opens. Others have grown special pouches that can conceal food they can’t eat immediately so it can be saved for later.

It’s down to the fact that your average professional actor has no idea when they can afford to eat next, so the idea is to fill up as much and as quickly as they can from…

Voyage on the wild seas9/10/14

So we are doing a job in Oslo, Norway. Exciting stuff! Taking the dinosaur traveling on a cargo ship with only a small amount of other passengers. Makes you think of romantic stories like “around the world in 80 days” doesn’t it? Wandering the boat to make discoveries or striding out on deck to feel the rawness of the elements and the heave of the ocean as the deck sways underfoot; leaning on a railing into the wind and the spray – “I’m the king of the world”!

Nope. Cabin. Lounge. Other passengers are drivers who’re accustomed to this…