Hats off!26/6/14


Hats lined up for just a portion of the weeks jobs!

Are you talking to me?25/6/14


centurionWhat have the Romans ever done for us? Don’t get me started! we’re really enjoying working with The Education Group, supplying historical workshops for schools, explaining all about Romans and also the life of WW1 soldiers. Bringing history to life like this is what makes it fun for children to learn and also for an actor to interpret the character and make it real for all involved!


More Fun at the museum!19/6/14

We’re back at the British Museum again at the end of this month! Running another exciting, dramatic, historical workshop for the young friends sleepover, (like anyone really sleeps – it’s too exciting)! This time the subject is ancient Egypt, to tie in with the ancient lives exhibition they have showing eight different mummified Egyptians form various periods of history. Using our skills of drama and dance we will be bringing two of these characters to life – not literally, of course!

T-Rex invades Dance Floor!14/6/14

It’s just Sophie, our baby T-Rex wanting to join in with the cheerleaders!