Real people are great!8/5/14

We’ve been to some networking events. Talking to real people, who work in real companies and have real lives. What great fun, meeting so many interesting folk! Because that’s what it’s all about really: people. We live and work alongside other people so we should take the opportunity to revel in our diversity and find out about each other by talking, instead of connecting virtually and never really interacting. I know this sounds like a contradiction as this blog posts to a Facebook and twitter account but we wanted to express the sheer enjoyment of real networking yesterday and say a…

Please hold while the dinosaur finishes lunch…7/5/14

I know, everyone is awaiting video footage of our new T-Rex puppet but she’s still finishing lunch. Boy those things can eat! seriously, if we’re going to do something, we want to do it properly, rather than post a shaky hand held camera phone vid, so you’ll have to just hold your horses! (She also eats horses!)