Glamour Explained19/12/14

If you are aglow with excitement at the end of a performance or seeing the celebs walk the red carpet, (fairly sure they’re looking great but thinking, “What’s my next job”)

How to trap an actor14/10/14

It’s easy really, use food. Free food. That’s important, it has to be free food. A buffet works as well as a basket of muffins or flapjack. Some actors have evolved the ability to materialise next to a buffet just as it opens. Others have grown special pouches that can conceal food they can’t eat immediately so it can be saved for later.

It’s down to the fact that your average professional actor has no idea when they can afford to eat next, so the idea is to fill up as much and as quickly as they can from…

Voyage on the wild seas9/10/14

So we are doing a job in Oslo, Norway. Exciting stuff! Taking the dinosaur traveling on a cargo ship with only a small amount of other passengers. Makes you think of romantic stories like “around the world in 80 days” doesn’t it? Wandering the boat to make discoveries or striding out on deck to feel the rawness of the elements and the heave of the ocean as the deck sways underfoot; leaning on a railing into the wind and the spray – “I’m the king of the world”!

Nope. Cabin. Lounge. Other passengers are drivers who’re accustomed to this…

The TEAM works. No really.8/9/14

Have you ever watched a film or play you enjoyed and spent the next week raving about the leading actor in it? Or basing your choice of entertainment merely on the director whose name is on it? Not a bad rule of thumb to wade through the assortment of media available and see something you hope you’ll enjoy. However it’s so much more than just one persons responsibility to create a truly great entertainment.

Part of the joy of working in the arts is contributing to the creative process, doing the best job you can do, sitting back, then letting…

The amazing truth behind “break a leg”6/9/14

Ever had someone wish you luck by saying “break a leg”? Most people think this is rather harsh and imagine the valiant performer struggling though a show nursing fractured limbs on stage. Perhaps this refers to the “show must go on” spirit so many actors have in their blood? Or is it a glib reference to being careful on stage? Perhaps it is a sideswipe at actors who find it difficult to navigate around stage and might bump into furniture while remembering lines – (there are some out there).

A quick examination of this old superstition reveals that in fact the…

Hollywood stories!1/9/14

+ We found the following wonderful nugget in the Event Organisers update newsletter. Hollywood history gold. Thanks guys.

MADAME DUBARRY The story of the doomed courtesan at the Versailles court of Louis XV was an early (1919) black and white silent film of director Ernst Lubitsch which used the excuse of history to give audiences epic sex, violence and intrigue.

This starred Polish-born 22 year-old actress Barbara Apolonia Chalupec, who specialised in femme fatale roles under her stage name of Pola Negri, and Swiss-born 35 year-old actor Theodore Friedrich Emil Janenz – Emil Jannings – who played the randy…

Sophie crosses the border27/8/14

This weekend we are taking Sophie the dinosaur for a day out to Scotland! We’re not sure where she stands on the independence vote but fairly sure she’ll have a fun time at an open day for a charitable foundation that’s occurring at Blair Drummond Safari park, near Glasgow.

The main point is that all the children, (and grown ups), go wild to meet Sophie and so hopefully there will be lots of money raised for the charity and not too many people eaten, (we have to limit her snacks on a day out or she gets a funny tummy)!…

An inspirational human25/8/14

Richard Attenborough was more than just an excellent character actor. He was an inspirational person who touched lives of many with his concern for other human beings. In the movie business he engendered the quote : “if  you’ve been lucky enough to do well then it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down for others”. In life he was deeply concerned about all kinds of equality and campaigned for such in many arenas, with some degree of success.

We were never lucky enough to have met or worked with Dickie but his influence was so great in his career,…

Still smiling!16/8/14

So we did it. After all the hubbub and rave reviews, we went to see “Around the World in 80 Days” at the Royal Exchange theatre, Manchester –  and you know what? IT WAS AMAZING. No heavy political message. No expensive technical special stage effects. No reality show celebrity appearances. No Divas. Just disciplined professional actors working as a team, with expert direction and design to provide seamless enjoyable entertainment that left us with an exhilarated glow.

We feel refreshed and inspired that hopefully this is the turnaround, where audiences vote with their feet and enjoy trained professionals on stage where…

Amazing weddings15/8/14

We’ve had quite a demand for entertainment at weddings recently. From the hidden fun of comedy waiters to full on Shakespeare dinner theatre around the wedding breakfast, it seems people want to really do something different on their special day. We even have a call to create a full fight scene with stunt performers for a James Bond themed wedding! We have to brief the Groom to rescue his Bride from the evil bad guy and his high kicking henchmen! Such enormous fun! As well as having provided a full medieval theme for weddings at amazing venues like Peckforton Castle, including the…