“Never mind the cake – let’s dance!”27/6/13

I’m sure marie Antoinette said something like this.

Using dance and movement we will recreate the French Revolution in our workshop for the young friends of The British Museum. Join Marie Antoinette and Louis the XVI in a courtly dance as the masses take over Paris and storm the palace. Learn simple dance steps in a workshop that explores the relationship between the French aristocracy and a population that have had enough of the rich having everything.

Are you an aristocrat, or just revolting?

Wacky Races!3/6/13

Tomorrow sees the Adhoc “A” team race from different parts of the country to gather in London for some prestigious dinner theatre. Prizes for the one that gets there first. Trains, planes and automobiles all feature in this race and with the crew gathering, anything could happen – (please don’t let it)!

Sunny Wedding Sunday2/6/13

Exhibiting at Numsmere Hall wedding fair today. A very classy venue with lovely staff. Looking forward to having comedy waiter fun and Mayhem!

Great Review!30/5/13

It’s always good to know people enjoy what we do as much as we enjoy giving the performance. We’ve just heard that a participant in one of our British Museum Friends workshops last year is STILL talking excitedly about it! That’s really quite an accolade. I hope they can make the next one at The British Museum all about the French Revolution on the 14th July!

Bad wedding service28/5/13

Comedy waiters is the perfect job for those of us who made rubbish serving staff but have perfect comedy timing! You need guts to book a couple of these at your wedding but that’s what happened last weekend, with hilarious results!

Training scripts1/5/13

There’s humor in life and death but seemingly NO humor in training! That ends with our scripts- we challenge that! Surely you learn more effectively if its fun!

Mission Statement30/4/13

Adhoc provide seasoned actors with professional experience in theatre, TV, films, role play training and voice acting. Adhoc can script, rehearse and perform to the highest standard in a huge variety of performance related work.  We have bags of experience in staging dinner theatre, (from Shakespeare through to traditional Victorian murder mysteries), to comedy quiz shows. We have performed many musical revues including The Rocky Horror Show, Chicago, Cabaret, Victorian music hall and many more.

New arrival4/4/13

We’re very excited here about our new arrival coming at the end of April! The patter of feet (but not very tiny), will be heard and we’re busy preparing the space and getting enough meat in! All will be revealed…

Voice scripting28/3/13

Writing for voice acting is really fun and quite challenging! Glass of red wine with lunch really helps the creative juices flow and now we’re creating some really random script! We’ll have a look at it later and see if it’s as funny as we think now! Hey: the Easter weekend starts here!!

Being the Bad Guy14/3/13

Role playing Villains for Greater Manchester Police suspect interview training- thinking on your feet and having fun!