Female British Voiceover : Rebecca Courtney, Characterful,Engaging,Comedic13/8/13

Female British Voiceover : Rebecca Courtney, Characterful,Engaging,Comedic.

The whiff of luncheon meat.7/8/13

This is the month other people go on holiday or lounge around. We get all pointy and tidy up, train, re-write scripts and clear out dusty cupboards, usually finding useful props thought long gone, half finished scripts for plays and forum theatre and corporate training days. It also applies to the internet, where we can take the time to clean out our spam filters and freshen everything up in time for the autumn,(fall) season.

It’s pretty smelly in here and there is some really nasty rotten spam clogging the ether. Cleaned. Done. Simple. We have no need of naff sunglasses,…