“Never mind the cake – let’s dance!”27/6/13

I’m sure marie Antoinette said something like this.

Using dance and movement we will recreate the French Revolution in our workshop for the young friends of The British Museum. Join Marie Antoinette and Louis the XVI in a courtly dance as the masses take over Paris and storm the palace. Learn simple dance steps in a workshop that explores the relationship between the French aristocracy and a population that have had enough of the rich having everything.

Are you an aristocrat, or just revolting?

Wacky Races!3/6/13

Tomorrow sees the Adhoc “A” team race from different parts of the country to gather in London for some prestigious dinner theatre. Prizes for the one that gets there first. Trains, planes and automobiles all feature in this race and with the crew gathering, anything could happen – (please don’t let it)!

Sunny Wedding Sunday2/6/13

Exhibiting at Numsmere Hall wedding fair today. A very classy venue with lovely staff. Looking forward to having comedy waiter fun and Mayhem!