“A Hollywood wedding is considered successful if it outlasts milk”


Starting work today on turning one of the several stage pieces we regularly deliver to the public sector into a screenplay. I have to say I’m relishing the challenge and looking forward to converting  a vibrant piece of stage drama into a gripping short film!

Health and Safety!15/2/13

Shooting a health and safety video with Brett and Ben from Capture One DVP. Spent some time filming in the workshop where they service and repair bin lorries: what a glamorous smell we discovered! Thankful to move into the office!

Awards season12/2/13

There’s Oscars and Emmys, Baftas and Globes and the gongs are all over tinseltown at this time of year! At Adhoc we celebrate with our very own Biftas! We’ve just written a dinner theatre whodunnit script for the awards season that’ll put a smile on your face and make your bow tie twirl! Lots of fun and musical numbers too!


Just had a very positive meeting with Capture 1 DVP regarding future projects. The first pre-production meeting for an upcoming short film we’re making is all guns go with casting planned for next month and script underway!

Virgin Media Sparkle Awards7/2/13

The Storyteller enthrals the audience for the Virgin Media awards ceremony in January. IMG_4460-small

Dead Rising 25/2/13

The finished product of the Dead Rising 2 cover


Mill Life

The fabulous James Dunne poses for publicity still during the filming of Mill Life



Scripting and rehearsals for voice over sessions doing scenario training feeds for US training company Laureate


Elvis and Elvis

Seriously the weirdest Elvis night ever – hey it’s a job!”